Lana Rhoades – My GF Likes his Big Black Cock a Little Too Much

Lana Rhoades has been dating her boyfriend for just over a year. There is just one problem. He plays. A lot. Whether at the pool or poker, it is always to take the chance and usually lose. When he is beaten at the pool by a big player, Mr. Wallace, he leaves Lana Rhoades in a much larger situation. Continue reading Lana Rhoades – My GF Likes his Big Black Cock a Little Too Much

Lana Rhoades & Leah Gotti – Best Friends Share Two BBCs

Wonderful Lana Rhoades has struggled with her boyfriend much recently. It just does not meet its in the way it needs. When her girlfriend Leah Gotti sets out two to two really hot black guys, it’s not long before they are in the pool and messing around.  Continue reading Lana Rhoades & Leah Gotti – Best Friends Share Two BBCs

Lana Rhoades – I Had Sex With My Boss

Lana Rhoades had recently moved to LA from Ohio, and got a job as a PA from a famous French actor. She finds him charming and has a very big blow of heart for him. When he leaves for a meeting, she is left to clear his office. It’s a very hot day and she decides to take a bath in her pool to cool off.

Knowing that this is totally unprofessional, she is adventurous and takes the risk. When he comes back unexpectedly and finds his naked pool, she is so shocked, but when he joins her in the pool, she knows exactly where it will lead.

Lana Rhoades – Part 1

Lana Rhoades moved from Chicago to Los Angeles with one thing in mind, to the ace of her final year at college. With an unpaid internship and her final approach, she has no time for herself and she has no extra money. When she rents her room, she finds her roommate always go home with beautiful things, although she knows that her parents do not have much money.

She know the reason for this is that she is a high class escort. This intrigue Lana Rhoades and she has the opportunity to try it for herself. Little does she know that this conversation will change her life forever. She’s about to meet a rich hot guy who knows exactly what he wants.

Lana Rhoades – Part 2

After her unforgettable first experiences as escort, Lana Rhoades is left looking for more. She continues to strive for her work, keeping her boss happy but he loves the extra money and excitement she is starting from her new venture.

Her friend suggests she opens a web page advertising her services, and she gets directly. When a large client asks for two daughters, his friend is Lana Rhoades in action. She’s never been with a girl before, and when she gets to her house, things are already well underway. Almost immediately, Lana is putting all the doubts aside and enjoying it.

Lana Rhoades & Adriana Chechik – Part 3

After his new life as an escort, an escort, Lana Rhoades really has the taste to be desired as it is. It has a lot of work, but she knows she needs the extra money and will do anything to keep the balance of his time is perfect. She receives a call from a client and this one in particular has an unusual request.

Instead of a trio of standard, his beautiful wife wants to enjoy Lana Rhoades as her husband looks on, to satisfy completely the most intimate way imaginable. She is on the point of getting an experience completely new to her CV and she will enjoy every second of it.

Lana Rhoades – Part 4

Lana Rhoades saw his money problems disappear after being involved in the business of escort, and now she wants more. She has been so busy and is really stressed with her internship, studies, of course, his work.

She arrives at her next customer with confidence and, when she looks at the paperwork, she knows that it is the client that she has always desired. A celebrity well-known, everything must be just, even if he sees Lana Rhoades, the paperwork and the red tape is the last thing that comes to him.

Lana Rhoades – Part 5

Lana Rhoades continues to enjoy his new life in the wild, enjoying juggling his work as an escort and still growing. There is now a year since her first relationship and transactional she was a graduate of the school of law. It is hoped that a permanent job offer is coming and that it could not be more happy.

Lana Rhoades is approached by her first client who requested a threesome with one of his friends, and it is one of his biggest fantasies. When his boss tells him that he has to leave early for the day for an appointment, she thinks little, until she arrives to her next job.